Tom Hiddleston arrived in Australia for the filming of “Thor 3” along with girlfriend Taylor Swift. Could her presence indicate a possible romantic angle for Loki this time around?

Earlier speculation teased at Taylor Swift’s entry into “X Men” as the Dazzler, the mutant singer. The Instagram post of actress Sophie Turner last April caught the attention of fans. In theory, this would not be such a stretch given the pop singer’s talent. Yet would the Marvel Cinematic Universe consider the idea of casting her as an evil love interest for Loki? Then again, it could put off Hiddleston’s rumored retirement from the role. Unless, they decide to create a spin off to cast Loki and Dazzler.

While the new twist to the movie might be promising, Swift’s presence Down Under has nothing to do with the film, according to The Courier Mail. Regardless, her presence excited her Australian fans who flocked to the Gold Coast Airport to see the pop singer. Tom Hiddleston headed back to work to resume his role as Loki next to Chris Hemsworth. The pop singer is reportedly on a break from her music career. Moreover, she supposedly plans to stay in the country for some time. Hence, Swift could be in the Gold Coast throughout filming for the movie since she has no significant obligations on her end.

Given the nature of her work, Vanity Fair posited that the singer could likely work from any location of her choice. In addition, recording studios in Australia could provide the facilities that would enable her to write music without difficulty. Hence, the honeymoon looks far from over for Hollywood’s latest hot couple. The notable color coordination of their outfits would assure the public it is not.

The couple has yet to reveal their travel plans while Down Under. Yet a bit of sightseeing in the area is likely. Moreover, the scenery would help “keep the honeymoon phase alive,” the publication presumed. Obsession remains high for Hiddleswift ever since the news hit the headlines. Yet the couple look at ease in their relationship despite skepticism and expert opinion against them. Even production of “Thor 3” could not keep them apart for a few months.