Does Thor 3 cast Chris Hemsworth hate Captain America? A lot of fans have been wondering why the Asgardian warrior was absent on Captain America: Civil War. While earlier reports mentioned that Hemsworth was too busy filming Huntsman 2, it seems there’s another reason behind his absence.

Previous reports noted Hemsworth’s busy schedule as reason for his absence. However, news confirmed his appearance on Avengers: Infinity War. There seems to be no bad blood between him and Steve Rogers. But what could have gone wrong? Did he refuse to join either Team Cap or Team Iron Man?

During the Comic Con 2016, ComicBook reported that Marvel unveiled Thor’s whereabouts during Civil War. Writer/Director Danny Pearson took to Twitter to announce what really happened. Apparently, he and Thor had an intense Connect Four  tournament that ultimately distracted the superhero. He uploaded a photo of him and Thor while playing the game.

See Thor 3 cast Chris Hemsworth’s photo below.

Although no clip is available online, the video featured Thor’s explanation. He said, I just am taking a break. We had this cool adventure saving New York, that was pretty great. So I moved to Australia and moved in with Daryl (Danny Pearson).”

He did have letters for Steve Rogers and Tony Stark. But don’t worry, it’s not really a hate mail. He had friendly reminders especially for Steve.

He wrote: “Dear Steve Rogers, remember when I goaded you into killing those prisoners and you made me swear not to tell any of the other Avengers? I still haven’t. Please let me know if you need anything, I’m not doing much at the moment.”

Meanwhile, Thor 3 cast and crew are currently filming in the land Down Under. Director Taika Waititi admitted that the third instalment will be different from the first two films. And although there will be big changes, fans are looking forward to witness more of Hemsworth’s comedic talent.