Has filming for “Thor: Ragnarok” began already? The movie’s lead actor Chris Hemsworth recently moved back home to Australia. Will “Thor 3” productions be moved Down Under as well?

According to the Daily Telegraph, filming for the Marvel movie has yet to start. But local production house Screen Queensland has began looking for crew members to work on “Thor 3.” Filming is reportedly set to start next month.

Meanwhile, the former “Home and Away” actor earlier discussed his decision to move back Down Under. According to People, he and his wife Elsa Pataky moved back to Australia for their kids.

“We were living shoulder to shoulder in the suburbs [of Los Angeles. And we] thought that’s not how we want our kids to grow up,” Hemsworth explained. “L.A. is a tough place to get around with kids…There’s not a whole lot of foot traffic. It was all about loading up the car and car seats. Here, we just walk out the door and head to the beach down the street. It’s a much more simple life…Moving to a kind of farm setup back here on the coast in Australia has been the best thing,” . 

The actor has three young kids with Pataky – three-year-old India Rose and two-year-old twins Tristan and Sasha. But he is not about to give up his career as an actor, though. He reportedly just moved back to the land of his birth for a breather. “I love what I do as an actor, but…it’s nice to be a part of a community that doesn’t live and breathe that world,” the “Avengers” star explained.

“Thor: Ragnarok” is set to hit the big screen on October 25, 2017.

In Australia and looking to work as a crew member on the third “Thor” movie? Check out Screen Queensland’s call for crew members here.