A video of a guy calling in sick to a place where he had never worked is just hilarious. It has become one of the top trending videos at the moment.

Published on April 21, the video has gone viral and is being shared on social media sites incessantly. Viewers have left the video with even more hilarious comments. “She’s gonna be confused as hell the next day in work cause u know shes gonna be on a mission to hunt his ass down,” writes one of the viewers. “Real nice manager that she doesn’t even know her employees,” adds another.

You really need to watch this guy’s superb acting. “My name is Jordan and I just started last week,” the video kicks off with the guy talking to a woman on the phone. Imagine if there is really an employee named Jordan at that workplace. Imagine the plight.

The video gets funnier when the guy tells the woman why he wanted a leave. “I’m actually not sick, I just need a day off so that I could go fishing because it’s so nice,” says the guy. “This is not a good reason to not come for work and this is going to remain unapproved,” the woman answers hesitatingly.

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The guy continues to irritate the assistant manager as hell which gets reflected in the video. “No, I don’t want to be accountable for your leave,” she shoots when the guy asks what viable reason could he put down for his leave. “I mean I look good, I just don’t sound good. Can we FaceTime right now,” adds the guy. Now that’s all he could ask for to go unemployed.

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The prank runs for almost 3 minutes and gets better at the end with responses from both sides. Watch the video yourself to get a good laugh at this hour of the day.