The CHOICE, a consumer advocacy group, handed out its first mass incident report to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, citing 87 cases of users getting burned from using Thermomix products, with 18 requiring hospitalisation.

Danika Jones from Perth recalled how earlier this year she used her Thermomix appliance to cook pasta sauce, only to have its lid fly off and her upper body being sprayed with hot liquid.

“It was horrific. It’s not something I want to experience again,” Jones said. She soon found out that she was not the only consumer who sustained injuries while using a Thermomix appliance, according to ABC News.

Another user, Helen Kerry, bought her own Thermomax appliance last year in an attempt to “make life easier.”

Unfortunately for her, she ended up getting superficial fractional thickness burns to her arms and chest after trying to puree some vegetables, which made it impossible for her to breastfeed her newborn daughter for weeks.

The CHOICE included in its report that Thermomix was notified about the failure of its TM31 machine one year before it was listed on the website of the ACCC national recalls in October 2014.

CHOICE spokesperson Tom Godfrey said that the company should have made at least two mandatory reports about customers suffering serious injuries or illnesses after the use of their products before October 2014 and eight more after that.

Thermomix had written some issues TM31 machines, such as hot liquid splashing out if the food was being pureed at speeds of four or more when the lid open function was turned on.

Even after Thermomix’s manufacturer Vorwerk had replaced the sealing ring of the mixing bowl for all its customers, a lot of customers were still getting hurt.

The CHOICE made the investigation after the received reports that customers were being forced to sign non-disclosure agreements before they get a refund, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.