“The Young and the Restless” revealed a shocking discovery about the danger surrounding Sage’s, Phyllis, and Jack’s marriage. Plus, Nikki reportedly made an important decision with Victor.

According to Yibada, many intense episodes are anticipated by the fans for this week.

Most of these were revolve around the infidelities made by Phyllis. Nick and Dylan discovered shocking information about Sage and Sharon, respectively. 

The major American drama series is expected to open the week with Hilary and Devon. The former struggled over her marriage and her ambition.

Devon, on the other hand, succeeded in getting Jack’s attention.

Bethany discovered Phyllis’ secret regarding her fidelity. She then set out to put her marriage in danger.

The same thing happened to Nick’s love life. He questioned Summer’s loyalty to him after finding out that she lived with Luca.

What Summer didn’t know was that Luca has already made up his mind that the blossoming romance between them might interfere with his life ambitions.

This ambition might be the reason why Phyllis threatened Luca, too.

While the other characters faced marriage troubles, Abby and Stitch were doing the opposite. They tried to keep their marriage together.

Despite the worsening health condition of their son, Max, they were forced to make a decision that would create a huge impact on him.

Max’s diagnosis of brain tumor devastated both Abby and Stitch. However, it seems that their marriage was tested with certain decisions of life and death for their son.

They must be able to decide whether or not to pursue the scheduled high-risk surgery or not.

Cane and Lily’s relationship continued to grow, pretty much like that of Abby and Stitch. This was while Cane was busy finding himself in the position of power.

Victoria, Adam and Chelsea faced tragedies with their reputation at risk due to the involvement of Newman Enterprise in oil spillage.

Victoria started blaming Victor for the tragic event. International Business Times mentioned that he was responsible for the oil spillage. In fact, he was accused to have engineered it.

The event became the major reason why the company went through a publicity and financial nightmare.

The spoilers of “The Young and the Restless” TV series also mentioned Victor’s involvement in the event. 

While facing these business troubles, Victoria began to simultaneously question her relationship with Travis.

Aside from fidelity issues and business concerns, fans should anticipate in “The Young and the Restless” series Adam’s secrecy over his murder case that led him to conviction.

Dylan and Paul continued their investigation of their suspicion on Sharon. This was because of Paul’s recent but shocking revelation about her.

Mariah helped and urged Sharon to tell the truth. Simon gave Ashley some important information about Hilary. 

“The Young and the Restless” is scheduled to air Monday to Friday on CBS and on Arena in Australia every 12:30pm.