On Sunday night of The X Factor, Sharon Osbourne sent home Honey G. She didn’t get a seat at the Six Chair challenge.

Speaking after her performance, Honey explained: “My first audition was incredible. Nicole and Sharon started dancing, so it was quite funny to know obviously that Sharon was down with it. She’s down with my vibe, she’s down with my flex, she’s ready for me. She’s down with my thing.”

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However, Honey G is set to be back in the show and in Sharon’s final six after replacing Filipino Ivy Grace’s spot due to visa problems.

In an interview with Mirror, Honey G said, “Basically I got a call saying ‘we want you to do a performance’. I was like ‘Well, what is this? What do you want me to do? Where is it going to be? Is it an X Factor thing? I had no idea.”

Honey G added, “And then the next day I got a call from, I think it was from the executive producer, and he said: ‘Right, we want you back in the show. Sharon wants you, we all want you to come back – somebody’s had to pull out and we want you to come back.”

It was announced in the show that Ivy had been ‘point blank refused a visa’ to fly to Los Angeles. X Factor tried their best to help her but they ran out of time.

As per X Factor UK, Ivy’s forced leave in the competition left a space free for Honey G to come back to the show and will now be competing in the live shows.

Yes, Honey G is definitely returning to The X factor next weekend!

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