The Wrong Girl star Jessica Marais talked about her sex scenes with actor Ian Meadows.

Marais portrays breakfast TV producer Lily Woodward in the new Channel Ten series. The character longs for a life full of romance, a dynamic career and a happy family. However, she will be constantly thrown off course as she finds the right guy.

In the series, Lily will hook up with her closest male friend Pete Barnett, played by Meadows. This will complicate their existing friendship.

Marais revealed some details of the sex scene she had with Meadows. The South Africa-born actress admitted it was not sexy at all, but totally awkward. “It is quite comical. There’s literally someone like 10 centimetres away from your face with a camera pointed at you. And they all try not to look as they are trying to be polite and be respectful of the fact it is a difficult scene,” she told The Daily Telegraph.

Lily will be in more trouble when she mistakenly sends an awful email written by her flatmate to her boss and to the hot chef her show is trying to work with. According to The New Daily, the email talks about “turds” and “sh*t sandwiches.”  Lily will try to repair her friendship with Pete and her professional relationship with Chef Jack Winter (Rob Collins).

Watch The Wrong Girl trailer below.

The Wrong Girl also stars Madeleine West, Rob Collins and Simone Bryant. Steve Vizard and Kerry Armstrong will be playing Lily’s parents. Craig McLaughlan will portray one of the show hosts while Hamish Blake is the weatherman in the morning show.

Meanwhile, Marais hopes that The Wrong Girl will be renewed for Season 2. The TV series is based on the 2014 bestselling novel of Zoe Foster of the same title.

Marais previously starred in Packed to the Rafters. She ended her five-year stint as Rachel Rafter in the show in 2013. As for her personal life, Marais is a single mother. She shares custody of her daughter Scout with former fiancé Home and Away actor James Stewart.

The Wrong Girl premieres on Wednesday (Sept 28) on Channel Ten at 8:30 pm.