The Walking Dead season 6 episode 14 titled “Twice As Far” airs on March 20 on AMC. Viewers in the UK can catch it on FOX on Monday.

Spoiler TV revealed spoilers for the upcoming episode. The website noted how Rick and company are no longer the victims. In the two episodes prior to Twice As Far it was evident that they are now hunters.

To whet fans’ appetites, the website gave away tidbits of what to expect from episode 14 of The Walking Dead.

Romance blooms inside the walls of Alexandria. Fans will be surprised at who the new couple is. Fans also get to see a character that hasn’t been on the show for quite some time. The website noted one of the best-directed scenes of the show. It will reveal life inside Alexandria.
Twice As Far also shines light on its women characters. For the episode, Carol and Maggie get to spend some time together. The shocking revelation of a twin brother will certainly shock TWD fans.

Design & Trend earlier suggested the likely death of one of the characters. It further revealed that Daryl could be involved in the killing. The website cited spoilers provided on Facebook by The Spoiling Dead Fans (TSDF Official).

The unlucky character killed in the episode is Denise Cloyd, Alexandria’s surgeon, the FB account revealed. She died from a crossbow through the head. In the same episode, Daryl gets back his crossbow. He does so after a fight with Dwight and his group.

News of more deaths to come for the second half of season 6 came out earlier. Speculations about Glenn’s death in the near future also surfaced. To date, TWD fans continue to await Negan’s introduction into the show. The “Good Wife” actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan is set to play this notorious villain depicted in the Walking Dead comic books.