The Voice finale presented something more than just the performances to talk about. Finalist Tash Lockhart suffered a wardrobe malfunction after her duet performance with Ronan Keating.

Though the finale was aired live on Channel Nine, Fairfax Media confirmed that the show was delayed by at least 30 seconds. The time delay was introduced in order to give way to 17-year-old Adam Ladell’s performance. Adam Ladell, who has Tourette’s syndrome, is susceptible to stressful moments. The producers were sensitive enough to give the lad enough time to perform without any incident. However, it seems Tash Lockhart needed the time delay more than Adam.

The unfortunate event happened after Tash Lockheart’s duet with Ronan Keating ended. After Ronan Keating praised Tash Lockhart for a wonderful performance, the nip slip became apparent as Tash stretched out her arm for a side hug with Ronan.

Tash may have to thank her blonde curls and her right hand instinct as the nip slip was only visible for a second or two. She later revealed she felt an unnatural breeze towards her chest. She then thought it was just a minor nip slip incident.

However, the 30-second delay was not enough for the producers of the show to edit Tash Lockhart’s nip slip.

Furthermore, as Fairfax Media confirmed the time delay, they added that only parts of the finale were subject to it.

Meanwhile, aside from the wardrobe malfunction, Lockhart was unable to win The Voice Finale.

Alfie Arcuri, a 27-year-old architect, won Australia’s heart starting with Catapult. He then shared a duet with his mentor Delta Goodrem entitled Beneath Your Beautiful. The 27-year -old then capped his finale performance with Cruel.

Despite losing to Alfie, Tash Lockhart welcomed the end of The Voice and remained optimistic. She was quick to brush aside the nip slip incident. She further shared that the producers were quick to protect her from harsh comments on the Internet. They even took her phone away right after the show to spare her feelings.

Whether the producers left the nip slip uncensored on purpose or not, one thing is for sure: Tash Lockhart has a bright career waiting for her in the Australian music industry.