The action behind the scenes of “The Voice Australia” 2016 might rival that of “Big Brother” housemates.

Reports of improper behavior by this year’s hopefuls prompted “The Voice Australia” to issue an alcohol ban. Concern over revelations of hookups between contestants and with the show’s crew members prompted the show’s producers to issue a restriction.

Sources revealed the first hookup happened between Team Jessie members Ellen and Nuz of The Koi Boys. However, their romance was short lived, thanks to coach Jessie J who thought it best to let the boys go home although her decision earned her the ire of viewers who disagreed with her choice. Yet that didn’t seem to discourage The Koi Boys. Instead, it has been an opportunity for them to spend time with their female fans. It would seem the boy band isn’t done yet.

Absolutley stunners omg!! Had to put some contacts in just to keep up with them! @zoekarena @nathaliefautret #cantdeal #maori #eyes #wth

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Another hookup on the show involved Team Jessie member Jack and a female crew. Mail Online recalled how the single dad’s love for his daughter touched fans and made him an early favorite. As it turns out, Jack is a real softie who likely could not say no.

“He couldn’t turn down the attention from his female fans either!” an insider told the publication.

Before Lexi Clark exited “The Voice Australia,” she hooked up with Mitch. However, unlike Ellen and Nuz who were both single, Mitch was not. Hence, trouble ensued when his girlfriend came to watch the live shows. Eventually, he owned up to seeing Lexi.

It would seem the real and more exciting drama on the reality show is happening backstage. The publication’s source likened the idea of putting all the contestants in a hotel to a situation that’s just as bad as high school. This is likely the first incident of backstage drama from “The Voice Australia” hopefuls. Previously, the action in front of the camera featured the lively banter among judges. The more recent interaction involved Jessie J and the Madden Brothers. The British singer looked visibly pissed by the decision of the twin coaches to save an artist she sent home.