“The Voice” Australia welcomed Irish singer Ronan Keating as part of the 2016 panel of judges. However, Delta Goodrem can’t seem to get over Ricky Martin who left the show after Season 4.

The judges of “The Voice” Australia often duke it out with one another to get the best contestants on their teams, which would explain their rivalry during blind auditions. Yet it turns out that Delta Goodrem never considered Ricky Martin as her rival. Rather, she referred to him as her “Latin lover,” Mail Online reported.

The publication cited Goodrem’s interview with E! wherein “The Voice” Australia judge revealed she and Martin were “mates” on the show. This was in spite of the fact that Martin stole two contestants from her team in Season 4.

“I am not ok with missing my Latin lover. He’s so beautiful. Obviously he’s a great friend of mine. And it was clear Ricky and I were mates out there,” Goodrem revealed.

This doesn’t mean that Goodrem’s chosen to side with anyone. She also had good things to say about Ronan Keating and referred to him as an “awesome guy,” the publication added. Goodrem became such good friends with her “Latin lover” that she joined him on an Australian tour last year, the Herald Sun wrote then.

“Ricky is Ricky. He has this incredible talent — its going to be fantastic to be able to travel around the country and have fun with people,” Goodrem said. Although Goodrem revealed it was a “weird choice” to go on tour with Martin, it did help her figure out what to do for the next 10 years. Female First cited her interview with Bang Showbiz about it.

“After I walked off that tour I walked straight into the studio, and I went, you know what type of song I need? I want something I’m currently listening to I want something that I feel is now. And I want to bring in what my roots are and I’m a classical piano player, like that’s what I actually need to put into my pop songs. So that’s what I did,” Goodrem said.

Delta Goodrem debuted her new single “Dear Life” at the 58th TV Week Logie Awards last May 8.