“The Voice Australia” Live Shows promise an intense showdown between teams that will certainly test the mettle of its contestants. However, the producers have made some adjustments in light of Adam Ladell’s condition. The 17-year-old has Tourette’s syndrome and additional stress can trigger an attack. Hence, they added a 30-second delay to his performance, Daily Mail reported.

The added time will help Ladell focus on his singing, which captivated “The Voice Australia” audience since the blind auditions and made him a “firm fan favorite,” News.com.au noted. Moreover, the producers want to protect him from “additional nerves” and prevent “any vocal tics” before or after his performance. Diagnosed at 13, Ladell opened up about up about his condition to Tiffany Dunk of News Corp Australia Network in a separate post. He recalled how school became a bad experience for him as a teenager with Tourette’s.

“It was just extremely bad and being in public was a nightmare for me. Being at school was quite stressful as well so I went through quite a bad depressed place,” Ladell told the publication. “In public, people don’t understand what’s going on. They can think I’m doing it on purpose or that I’m under the influence of something. That’s always a big stress for me,” Ladell added. Yet his condition seems to fade into the background once he starts to sing.

“I get transported to another world … I forget everything around me and get lost in the music,” Ladell revealed.

Meanwhile, Ronan Keating is also ready for his first time at “The Voice Australia” Live Shows. However, the new coach on the panel doesn’t seem the least bit nervous. It could be because of a “valuable lesson” he learned as a judge on “The X Factor” show.

“You don’t butter-coat it, you just tell it like it is, that is the way to be and the right thing to do,” a separate post from Daily Mail cited excerpts of the Irish singer’s interview with the Daily Telegraph. Keating struggled early on “The Voice Australia” as his pitches fell flat on the contestants during blind auditions. He eventually got wiser about it though not before the other coaches teased about his Irish accent. His team is ready to join the final 16 as they take center stage on “The Voice Australia” Live Shows this Monday.