“The Voice Australia” kicked off the Live Shows with spectacular performances from the top 16. The evening also welcomed the company of a special guest from the show’s UK version, Boy George.

The British singer paid a visit to “The Voice Australia” during its first Live Show, Daily Mail reported. The British singer shared some advice to the contestants and coaches based on his own experiences. Boy George recently finished his first season with the UK version and admitted to a déjà vu feeling when he sat down on the Madden Brothers’ seats.

“I finished the first season for me in the UK, I’m getting massive déjà vu, I know you’re doing the live show and I’m getting the memory, it’s amazing,” Boy George noted. However, Boy George became candid as he revealed one of his worst fears.

“Singing in front of Jessie, that is scary, I wouldn’t do it!” the publication quoted Boy George. Albeit it was a joke, the reputation and talent of his fellow British singer could scare the frontman of Culture Club. Yet his opinion of the contestants was a confidence booster as he praised their amazing talent.

“I mean the voice you have such an amazing voice. You have to have high standards, it’s a compliment,” Boy George said. His next opinion seemed a bit prophetic as he revealed whom Jessie J would save that night, Channel 9 wrote.

“At this point it’s tough to choose because the standard is high, but Mikaela had the edge for me,” Boy George said. In addition to Mikaela Dean, three other artists will definitely perform next Monday. Coach Ronan Keating chose to save Mitch Gardner. Once again, the Madden Brothers saved Aaliyah Warren while coach Delta Goodrem picked Alfie Arcuri, Channel 9 wrote in a separate post. The remaining contestants will need to score enough public votes to make it to the top 12. Click to cast your vote here.

“The Voice Australia” Live Show 2 airs on Monday at 7:30 p.m.