A few favourites are already emerging as the blind auditions in “The Voice Australia” come to a close. Kate Van Elswijk, Kayleigh Killick and Australia’s very own Susan Boyle—Crissy Ashcroft, lead the pack.

“The Voice Australia” fans believe that Crissy Ashcroft is Australia’s Susan Boyle. Ashcroft wowed the judges with her performance of Cold Chisel’s “When The War Is Over.” Sydney Morning Herald reveals that she is a war veteran and is diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). She served the country by being in the military for 13 years. During her tenure, she spent some time in Afghanistan. She returned to the country sustaining after physical and mental injuries.

One of the judges, Delta Goodrem claimed Ashcroft for Team Delta. ANN reported that Goodrem even assured Ashcroft that she was not going back on her decision. “I ain’t turning around right now … anybody who knows me knows that I respond to something in the heart,” said Goodrem.

“We can work on pitch, we can work on all those things, but I responded to your voice first and foremost, and now I am honoured and respectfully very, very excited to work with you and do this journey. And to battle against these guys,” she added.

Another contestant, Kate Van Elswijk, also blew the judges away. Van Elswijk is another favourite and Team Ronan member, states International Business Times. The 19-year-old suffers from achromatopsia. It is a condition marked by decreased vision, light sensitivity and lack of colour vision. Ronan Keating, on the other hand, added Kayleigh Killick to his team on this season of “The Voice Australia.” Perth Mum Kayleigh Killick works as a cleaner to make ends meet, but aspires for a career in the music industry, informs Yahoo. “When I went on stage there was such adrenaline and I was absolutely over the moon when the two of them turned around,” said Killick. “It was such a blur,” she added.

Her are Twitter reactions to Kate Van Elswijk, Kayleigh Killick and Crissy Ashcroft: