The rumored feud between the Voice 2016 newcomer Miley Cyrus and seasoned coach Adam Levine could offer more interest than the actual performances.

Casting Miley Cyrus on the Voice 2016 appears to bring a different touch to the reality competition program. Her big personality shines through, and it has proven to be to her advantage. Moreover, it adds to the show’s fun and makes it more interesting. She gets personal with contestants by chatting with them. Hence, many often choose to be on her team—a fact the two seasoned coaches on the panel are not quite happy about, it seems.

The rumored feud between Miley Cyrus and Adam Levine made headlines early on. Apparently, it began long before the Wrecking Ball singer earned her official designation as coach this season. Fans would recall her first stint on the show as part of Team Christina. As it turns out, her constant chatter led to them butting heads even then.
The feud reportedly continues, as Miley Cyrus is serious about winning. Hence, she could be doing what she can to give her an edge in the competition. How is Adam Levine taking the challenge?

“It has sparked something in Adam that he hasn’t felt in quite some time and he is taking the challenge and it has lit a fire under him to want to win as well, but their back and forth on the show is all fun and people will see that when the show begins. They are not feuding in front of or behind the cameras; they are both making good money to work on a show and they are having a fun time,” a source revealed. Hence, Hollywood Life surmised Season 11 could be the best show of the Voice in a long time.

Who is your team pick on the Voice 2016?