Is Jessie J ready to sit on a new chair on the Voice 2016 or revisit her old seat on The Voice UK?

The British singer finished her last season on The Voice 2016 Down Under. Jessie J might have gained notoriety for her fiery clashes with her fellow judges yet she proved to be a worthy mentor to Ellie Drennan, who won Season 4.

Hence, other shows of the franchise would certainly do well to have her on the team. The combination of Jessie J, Miley Cyrus and Alicia Keys on The Voice 2016 would certainly liven up the show. Then again, her return to London could signal her possible homecoming to The Voice UK that will move to ITV from BBC, according to the Mirror. To date, only US musician signed up as a returning coach. He might welcome the return of his former colleague.

However, neither option might happen any time soon. As it turns out, the British singer revealed plans to focus on her own singing career this time around. Jessie J took on coaching duties on The Voice UK in 2012. She moved Down Under for another two seasons.

“I want to get back to music and The Voice takes up a lot of time. I’ve loved doing it. I’ve done four series now – two in the UK, two in Australia. I’ll always be a supporter of the show and I’d love to go on and sing but I have to get back to music and get back to touring because that’s really who I am and what I do,” Jessie J revealed.

Jessie J is well aware of the current struggle faced by singers at the charts. However, the British singer remains unfazed and intends to work extra hard upon her return.