The Vampire Diaries Season 8 will be the final outing for the show, but fans haven’t seen the much-awaited Damon-Elena reunion.

Viewers have been lobbying for Elena’s return in The CW series and rekindling her romance with Damon. However, Ian Somerhalder, who plays the role of Damon, has a different ending in mind.

Warning! Somerhalder’s proposed ending is not what you would like to hear.

The actor does not believe there will be a happy ending for Damon and Elena. “… this poor, young girl from this tiny town she lost everyone she’s ever loved, she burned her house down, she’s now in a box. These guys have ruined her life, yet everybody wants her to end up with one of them,” Somerhalder told TVLine.

Somerhalder added that although he has no idea what the future of brothers Damon and Stefan will be, he thinks either of them should get the girl. Somerhalder stressed that the bond between the two is far more important than getting the girl.

The hit series started with the romance between Elena (Nina Dobrev) and Stefan, until it became Delena.

How do you want Delena to end? Do you agree with Somerhalder?

The producers of Vampire Diaries Season 8 earlier teased that the ending of its last season will be worthy to remember and to celebrate.

Check out The Vampire Diaries Season 8 sneak peak below.

Meanwhile, there is still no confirmation if Elena or Dobrev will come back before the show ends.  In August, CW president Mark Pedowitz said talks are ongoing with Dobrev for her return in TVD.

Dobrev left the show in Season 6 after she broke up with Somerhalder in 2013. Her character was put into deep sleep and it is only Bonnie (Kat Graham) who can resurrect her. The actress previously said that she is done portraying Elena. She, however, reunited with the cast and crew when she recorded her voice for the Season 7 finale.

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