The PlayStation VR, originally called “Project Morpheus,” was first planned to be released on early first half of 2016, but it was then revealed that it was moved to a later date in October. Now Sony explains the reason behind the said change of release date.

In an interview with Japanese news site Nikkei, Sony Computer Entertainment vice president Masayasu Ito mentioned that Sony was not able to make enough headsets to meet the projected demands and still maintain the original target release date of early 2016 due to the boosted sales projections. In which as a result, Sony was forced to move the planned release for the PlayStation VR to October. Though there were no specifics on the sales projection for the PlayStation VR, according to Nikkei, Sony will be expecting to ship around 1-2 million of the said VR headsets by the end of the year.

In addition, it was even projected that the number of PlayStation 4 consoles to be sold this year will reach around 40 million. Currently, according to reports, the PlayStation 4 has reached 36 million as of January 2016. Ito also hinted that gamers can expect the PlayStation VR to have PC support in the future and it might be used outside of gaming.

The PlayStation VR is priced at $400, which will require a PlayStation camera that is an optional bundle in certain PS4 bundle packs or can be purchased separately. A PlayStation Move which can be purchased separately as well. It was also revealed that there will be a PlayStation VR bundle priced at $500 which will include the camera, two PS Move controllers and a multi-game disc. Gamers can start preordering for the PS VR today.