If there are going to be villains in the show, Marcel is not among them. Executive producer Michael Narducci teased The Originals Season 4 spoilers amid all the rumors about the character being the Big Bad of the show.

In an interview with TVLine, Michael Narducci said that if anything, Marcel’s actions are warranted because the Mikaelsons tried to kill him.

In the aftermath of the events of season 3, Marcel found himself the last man standing, with the witches, the werewolves, and humans all have their own issues and have been rendered insignificant. “It’s going to be a very different landscape, but it’s still Marcel Gerard. He’s done what he’s done, and how he’ll have to figure out how to live with himself and rule New Orleans,” he said. “He’s not possessed or evil or a monster by any stretch.”

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Meanwhile, the Mikaelsons will find themselves in trouble, but that’s not really surprising considering the ancient prophecy about the family falling down from grace. Now, they are stuck in the Dreamscape. On one hand, they are safe from Marcel, on the other, they have to figure out how to escape. Hayley will still try to keep the Mikaelsons safe, although it’s not clear where she will turn to for help. It’s becoming increasingly clear that she won’t be able to do this on her own.

According to The Originals Season 4 spoilers from Ecumenical News, Hayley will find somewhere safe to hide the coffins as Marcel continues to hunt them down.

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In another interview with TV Guide, Narducci said there’s going to be a time jump in The Originals Season 4.

The executive producer teased The Originals Season 4 spoilers for as he said that Rebekah, Elijah, Kol, and Freya will eventually wake up from their condition, and “they are not going to be very happy.” However, he didn’t say anything about Klaus and who will wake him up from the pain-induced coma. Narducci presents three possibilities: he wakes up on his own power, the Mikaelsons will rouse him up, or somebody who thinks that the world is much too dangerous without Klaus.