Its recent finale left audiences wanting for more. However, actor Riz Ahmed’s revelation seemed to raise doubts for The Night Of Season 2.

Tagged early on as the biggest drama to hit television in 2016, the HBO series certainly lived up to expectations. From the cast and the dialogue, The Night Of showed great promise. Viewers tuned to the storyline to find out if Naz was guilty or not. Yet the finale offered an ambiguous ending. Thus, the demand for a second season is no surprise.

To a certain extent, The Night Of Season 2 would appear to be a done deal given its initial success. No doubt, HBO would want to follow up its latest masterpiece. However, the sentiment of lead star Riz Ahmed would seem to shut down its possibility.

Riz Ahmed’s portrayal of Naz contributed significantly to the weekly anticipation of The Night Of. The transformation of his character played out well alongside the plot. Thus, Ahmed felt satisfied by the ending of Season 1. According to the actor, the focus of the character-driven story was not on whodunit. Rather, it was about Naz’s journey – from a regular college student to a hard-edged prisoner up to his release from prison. Thus, his sentiments on the possibility of The Night Of Season 2 does not bode well for viewers.

Riz Ahmed talks about The Night Of Season 2

“I think it was conceived of as a one-season one-off, and perhaps there’s a second season. They might do a different case like they did in the British version of the show. I think sometimes it’s said, ‘Better to quit while you’re ahead’,” Riz Ahmed told The Hollywood Reporter.

The British actor is also busy with another TV series for BBC. Moreover, his Swet Shop Boys album with Heems is due by October. Their tours and promotions for the album start by November.