HBO miniseries The Night Of is getting interesting day by day.  The latest spoilers for episode 5 reveal that the approaching installment will dig deeper into the event the fans saw in the premiere. With such revelation, can it be expected that Dennis Box will find out the truth about Naz soon? Let us check the details.

The Synopsis:

Episode 5 of The Night Of is titled The Season of a Witch. Although the channel has not yet offered any official details about the approaching installment, the short synopsis drops some strong hints on it. The synopsis for the episode proposes that the fans will see Box (Bill Camp) trying to re-enact some of the events on  The Night Of, and understand precisely where Nasir was, what he was doing and who he was with both before and after Andrea’s death.

The synopsis points out a major twist in the story in episode 5. The viewers may get to see the backstory of Nasir Khan aka Naz’s (Riz Ahmed). How did he land in such a legal mess? On a positive note, The Night Of episode 5 may offer some positive changes in Naz’s case.

Will Box find the answers?

That’s the biggest question, and it’s a good question. It depends on how many people actually saw Naz over the course of the hour. For example, the viewers know that he ran into the likes of a gas station employee and eventually some guys on the street. At the same time, no one saw him after he was in that place with Andrea.  The absence of the witness is a key element for complications in Naz’s case. The judicial system as well as the administrative authorities cast doubt on his innocence.  In such scenario, it is going to be quite difficult for Box to fill in all the cracks.

The Night Of Detective Dennis Box

The possible outcome:

The competent detective has to keep up an optimistic mindset to dig deeper into the facts. He might find some possible witnesses who are yet to be revealed. According to CARTERMATT, we know that John Stone, a lawyer who represents Naz, has uncovered a few threads over the course of the investigation. However whether or not Box is clued in on a few of them remains to be seen in episode 5 of The Night Of on August 7.