The Night Of episode 5 titled The Season of a Witch  has revealed a new side of Naz’s character as well as offered a new twist to Andrea’s murder case. Is he really what he seemed to be on the series’ premiere?  Is Naz really innocent?

Thus far, we have seen Nasir Khan aka Naz (Riz Ahmed) being charged with Andrea’s murder. However, the intellectual looks of this Pakistani-American college student made everyone think that he might have fallen prey to a bad situation.

Rightly said, “ Looks can be deceptive!”  Episode 5 of The Night Of has shed light on some unexplored sides of Naz’ personality. His drastic makeover in jail and his aggressive behavior towards a fellow prisoner were more than enough to change our perception.

Naz’ lawyer John Stone  (John Turturro) didn’t seem  happy to see Naz’ striking makeover. With a shaved head and a jittery posture, it is going to be harder for him to make the jury believe that his client (Naz) is just an innocent victim of circumstance.

In the initial episodes of The Night Of, the  HBO series hardly dug deep into the pre-Andrea period of Naz’ life. The glimpses could only offer a very faint idea about his authentic self, which puts viewers in a terrible dilemma. They highly doubted whether Naz could have been the one who killed Andrea. The more time Naz spends as part of Freddy Night’s (Michael Kenneth Williams) crew at Rikers Island, the clearer it’s becoming that our first notion was far from the whole picture of who Naz is and what he’s capable of doing.

From the current flow of the story, it looks like the influential prisoner Freddy wants Naz as his right-hand man. At the same time, Naz is trying to make the best of this mentorship to sustain prison life. We have seen how Naz beat up the treacherous Calvin as a part of his revenge, a beat-down that Naz takes even further than Freddy did in last week’s episode with the guy running the rival cell phone business. It appeared he (Naz) was trying to vent out all the frustration, anger and fear of being trapped in such situation. The scene precisely portrays that this innocent-looking guy is much more dangerous than he seemed in the series’ opening moments—perhaps even dangerous to fit the heap of evidence Box has collected, states HitFix.

If Naz’ true character gets exposed under the influence of tough jail life, then we can expect the Andrea murder case will have more mysteries to unfold in the coming days.

The truth about Naz is yet to be seen in The Night Of’s approaching chapters.