The final two episodes of BBC’s adaptation of John Le Carre’s spy thriller “The Night Manager” starring Tom Hiddleston has been leaked online, thanks to DVDs shipped early, reports The Mirror.

This will likely be a disaster for BBC, suggests The Mirror, as the espionage tale cost £20million (about AU$37 million) to make which the producers hoped to recover from the multitude of viewers tuning in to watch the show on telly. But now, with many anxious fans of the show having downloaded and watched the episodes earlier, the viewership is bound to drop significantly.

The leaks are believed to have happened due to customers who bought the pre-ordered DVDs uploading them on the internet. The stores may have mistakenly shipped them to buyers weeks in advance. The two episodes, its fifth and sixth, had leaked before their respective air dates on March 20 and 27 respectively, being a Sunday show. As mentioned by The Independent, a BBC spokesperson said they are trying their best to take down the leaks.

The summary for the fifth episode of “The Night Manager” from is as follows: “Realising that Angela Burr has seen the list of contacts Roper is suspicious of betrayal but after Jonathan has confessed his true identity and purpose to Jed, promising to help her escape with him, she pretends that she accidentally left the list lying around, pointing the finger at Corkoran, who will soon be in no position to deny it. In London, Angela finds herself blocked by the Permanent Secretary’s department and is told by Dromgoole that America needs the weapons sold by Roper. She receives intelligence from Jonathan which she hopes will allow her to catch Roper red-handed but he is one step ahead of her.”

The Week notes Andrew Billen of The Times calling the fifth episode “easily the best episode yet.” Gabriel Tate in The Daily Telegraph has complimented “the gradual darkening of tone over the course of this series” from the more James Bond-esque adventure. In fact, Le Carre’s writing in “The Night Manager” has always been much more realistic, grittier and darker compared to Ian Fleming’s Bond series so the shift is more of going back to Le Carre’s roots.

Apart from lead Tom Hiddleston who will be appearing in “Thor: Ragnarok” and “Kong: Skull Island,” “The Night Manager” also features Hugh Laurie as protagonist Richard Onslow Roper, Olivia Coleman as Angela Burr and Tom Hollander as Major Lance Corkoran.