The leaked Nauru files have made shocking revelations regarding child abuse at the detention center in Australia.

Over 2,000 incidents have been recorded in the documents indicating how cruel and abusive the detention center unit officials have been to the children. The refugees seeking shelter at Nauru have suffered from a series of assaults in exchange for having a place to live.

According to reports, the leaked files comprised more than 8,000 pages. A range of incidents was recorded where migrants had to face violation of their dignity and honor, be it child abuse, self-harm, sexual assaults or poor living conditions. The Australian government has exemplified a dysfunctional and cruel approach towards handling the refugees detained by it.

The Australian government defended itself after the leakage of the Nauru files. “The Australian government continues to support the Nauruan government to provide for the health, welfare and safety of transferee children,” the Department of Immigration and Border Protection spokesperson said.“Alleged incidents within the regional processing center are investigated, and where appropriate, referred to the Nauru police force (NPF) for investigation.

Refugees living in the community are encouraged to report all incidents of assault to the NPF. The Australian federal police have deployed officers to work alongside the NPF and build their capacity to investigate complex and sensitive incidents. Australia provides comprehensive medical support services to the regional processing center in Nauru and to the Nauruan government health facilities.”

Human Rights Commissioner Gillian Triggs said that it was distressing to read about the incidents. He added that it was nothing but a replication of the data set obtained by the government in 2014.

When The Guardian analyzed the figures, it discovered that the Nauru files indicated 51 percent of the abuses were reported against children while the detention center comprised only 18 percent of children at the time when the incidents were reported. In short, the media outlet found that the figures in the files were over-represented.