“The Matrix 4”, another film in the “The Matrix” franchise, is believed to be in the works.

“The Matrix Trilogy” fans haven’t seen this inventive, iconic sci-fi film since the 1990s. The sequels didn’t work out great compared to the original film. According to Cinema Blend, rumors are rife that there is a chance to create another film sequel of the series.

Joel Silver, “The Matrix” film legendary producer, said in an interview: “We haven’t talked about it yet. I hope there’ll be a time we can do that at some point. That was very seriously designed as three stories and that was it, but we’ll see what happens.”

He also added that he doesn’t want to close doors on the likelihood of whether or not “The Matrix 4” will be created. If there would be such an opportunity to revisit Neo’s world and the Matrix once again, it would be great.

When he said that the film was seriously designed as trilogy, there might be a great opportunity to do a remake instead of a sequel. However, the problem is that he wasn’t sure if Keannu Reeves and Laurence Fishburne would still be interested to come back, Movie Web reported.

Reeves and Fishburne reunited on the set of “John Wick 2“, another action-heavy sequel. From that fact alone, Silver wishes to have another chance for the two stars to be together again for the possibility of creating either a remake or a sequel of “The Matrix.”

The report said that having remakes or sequels of an iconic Hollywood film is still great for the market globally. Nonetheless, this is hinged on whether the lead actors are open to the idea of remaking it and if the plot would allow it.

“The Matrix” is a 1999 American-Australian neo-noir sci-fi film both written and directed by the Wachowski brothers (now sisters). Sequels followed after the original film was released.