“The Leftovers” series on HBO will come to and end with season 3 and the premise that the showrunners may be shooting for seem to spell doom for the characters. Fans may surely want to hold their breath for this one.

Lindelof shared in a video chat with Gold Derby, “If the audience knows that the show is ending, there’s actually an opportunity for us to play with the idea that the world is going to end. I think there’s a way to do the apocalypse that we haven’t quite seen before,” the man in charge revealed the details. With Guilty Remnant destroying Jarden, fans must have become aware how difficult it would be to survive. Going by Lindelof’s words, it appears that Kevin and his team may not meet a favourable end.

“The Leftovers” season 3 is now in production with the film locations and the setting all put up in Australia, according to report on Christian Today. And it seems the entire Murphy family has packed their bags to move to the land down under. However, Ann Dowd won’t be seen reprising her role as Patti Levin in season 3 given the current plot of the show.

Dowd’s character was on the show to cause some disturbance in Kevin’s mind. However, with Justin Theroux’s character already recovered, as fans witnessed in season 2, Dowd’s character won’t be able to mess around with Kevin’s nightmare. Dowd has been a series regular so far and now she may be only seen making guest appearances in season 3. On the other hand, Kevin’s father Kevin Garvey Sr. is now series regular. It only adds up as Kevin Garvey Sr. who has since lived in Australia in search for answers, will be taking his son and his family there.

There is no word on “The Leftovers” season 3 premiere date yet. However, keep an eye out for more details and keep watching this space for more.