The Fosters is returning on June 20.

The television series started on June 3, 2013. It is a family drama based on the life of lesbian couples. Executive producer Bradley Bredeweg confirmed the dates on Twitter.It even has Jeniffer Lopez as its executive Producer.

Episode 20 of Season 3 dealt with Justina arriving with a bad news.Justina is also responsible for black’s death. It was her company that placed him with a abusive man called Pearson.Her company just sells foster children for money,it is a NGO so government never watches it. Everything is kept safe.

Callie is surprised to see Justina using microphone in her party.She discourages everyone to vote for the bill that Justina has been championing. Callie avoids press, Reporters just line up,with questions is it true you made up allegations against Ms. Marks because she learned you were sleeping with your foster brother, Brandon Foster? (Out of curiosity, how could Justina know about that?), EW reports.

Callie explains to Jude about her conversation with Jack in which he confessed that he kissed Jude to make him feel better not that he is homo .Jude is not convinced, says Callie a liar.Jack has to decide what he feels about it now. In fact the next season four will confirm all your doubts. Warning, spoiler- it is because he wanted Taylor to know that he is gay.

The relationship between Callie and her adoptive brother were let out because Justina was unhappy with Callie’s gesture.Mariana and Matt have hooked up. Nick is seen in a very angry mode because of this, he is also shown keeping gun in his car’s trunk in the end, Christian Todayreports. Stay Tuned to watch the next season.

The final show has attracted 1.29 million viewers. Season three has 9.5 out of 10 ratings based on 46 reviews.It also has a score of 8.1 out of 10,according to IMDB, Release Date reports.