Since the premiere of The Flash Season 3, it has been good with building up mysteries around villains. Now, speculations suggest that Julian Albert is Dr. Alchemy.

Fans could not wait but speculate that Dr. Alchemy is none other than Albert due to his sudden introduction. Movie Pilot reports that there is a great chance that he might be the villain that everybody is guessing. He works with Joe West at the CCPD who never misses a day of work.

Apparently, in Dr. Alchemy’s attacks, Albert was missing on the site which is very controversial since he’s always present at work. His absence led to speculations that he could really be Dr. Alchemy.

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In the previous episodes of The Flash, Julian Albert was introduced as someone who who takes rules and his work seriously. It’s a bit strange for fans not to see him in Dr. Alchemy’s attacks. But iTech Post shares that Albert has proven that he is not Dr. Alchemy.

Last episode shows that Albert was afraid of Savitar’s voice which made him run out of the hospital. Rumors state that it is impossible for someone to be afraid of the character he is. Hence, rumors also suggest that Albert is just Dr. Alchemy’s doppelganger.

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However, if there are truth to the rumors, it seems that Julian Albert is not aware of his identity as a villain. Like Caitlyn, he might not be conscious with his meta-human side when he wears the mask.

Executive producer Greg Berlanti reveals that the identity of Dr. Alchemy will be revealed on the mid-season finale of The Flash. At this point, Albert is the only suspicious character who could be Dr. Alchemy.

The Flash Season  3 airs Tuesdays 8 p.m on CW.