In the premiere of The Flash Season 3, the world of each character seems to flip upside down. Barry Allen has been living his simple life in his new timeline where his mother died and he is no one’s superhero and savior.

Big changes are coming, and even Barry tries to undo what he did in the season 2 finale, which created ‘Flashpoint’, only to realize that everything is not back to normal.

In an article by CP Entertainment, Barry is to find out he hasn’t completely undone the time paradoxes he’d caused by altering his timeline. This is what the episode will be revolving around entitled, ‘The Flash’ Season 3 Epsiode 2, ‘Paradox’.

Watch The Flash Paradox Trailer below:

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Barry will have struggles on episode 2 with dealing with the altered present including the relationship of Iris and Joe being in bad terms unlike in the previous seasons where Joe and Iris are always in good terms.

Apparently, another paradox on the new episode is Cisco’s troubled new status where he was shown engaging in a support group while Barry tries to understand what exactly happened to him.

According to Parent Herald, along with the messed up changes in ‘Flashpoint,’ Felicity played by Emily Bett Rickards will be having another guest appearance in the show where she will ask Barry what changed in the ‘paradox’ reality.

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Harry Potter star Tom Felton will be a new character in The Flash as Julian Albert where he is Barry’s new coworker but is likely to be the source of new troubles coming Barry’s way.

For the villains, first signs of Caitlin Snow will be shown in the new episode. She will be the Killer Frost in the show. Aside from Caitlin, Doctor Alchemy will have a sneak appearance in ‘Paradox’.

Fans should not miss out each episode of The Flash as it involve big changes and revelations.

The Flash season 3 episode 2 airs Tuesday, Oct. 11, at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.