The CW’s fictional series ‘The Flash” season 2 finale is approaching fast. Season 2 episode 19, “Back to Normal,“ revealed Zoom’s evil plan to return with Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker) to Earth-1.  On the other hand, Hunter (Teddy Sears) got inspired by Miss Snow’s longing for returning home. Thus, he set out to conquer other Earths the way he has conquered his own.

Although the available standby solutions can help delay the approaching metahuman threat,Team Flash headed by Barry Allen (played by Grant Gustin) will have to take some serious risks. These bold choices will assist them to beat the most powerful and ferocious enemy, by the time the season 2 finale is done.

In an interview on DC All Access, actor Tom Cavanagh (playing Dr. Harrison Wells) discusses upcoming season 2 episodes of The Flash. Cavanagh includes his character Wells building to a second particle accelerator as part of the plan to push out Zoom. There is a probable need to get Barry his speed back, Screenrant reports.

However, Cavanagh stressed on the one big problem: the aftermath of the next particle accelerator.

Check Out The Video of Tom Cavanagh Discussing About The Flash Finale Episode :

Screenrant further discloses, the synopsis for The Flash season 2’s penultimate episode has Zoom approaching Earth-1 with an army of violent metahumans. At the same time, Black Siren the Earth-2 doppelganger of Black Canary is leading the charge. Barry is joined by Wally West (Keiynan Lonsdale), who’s been supporting the hero since The Flash rescued him from Zoom.

In a battle this massive, the series may expect to lose one of its major characters, which Cavanagh possibly confirms in the above video. Joking that “The Flash” fans aren’t interested in “40 minutes of talking about feelings,” the actor assures that “crazy stuff happens” in the finale, and that “somebody” might die.

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This can make the fans wonder who that “somebody” could be. Is it any of Barry’s three father figures, who will breathe his last in The Flash season 2 finale?

Since the show is building to the ultimate clash between The Flash and Zoom, the chances are high that the menacing villain Zoom might get killed, as well.

Going by the joking nature of Tom Cavanagh, the fans now can be in a dilemma whether to take his prediction seriously or just to overlook them lightly.

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