The Flash Season 3 returns Tuesday night on The CW with its introduction of the ‘Flashpoint’. In the brand-new season of the show, Barry Allen’s parents come back into the picture. This comeback also means that Barry did not grow up with Iris West, making them complete strangers to each other.

This made the fans question if there would still be hope for Iris and Barry. In an interview with E! News, Candice Patton, who plays Iris in the show, shared how Iris still has a connection with Barry despite her changing course in Barry’s life.

“I honestly think with everything we’ve seen of Iris, with everything that I believe about Iris, she’s been nothing but supportive and loyal to Barry since the moment he met her,” Patton tells E! News. She also shared the special connection that Iris has with Barry. It’s Iris who understands Barry so well including his heart. And even without knowing the reason behind, she would still support his decision.

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Despite the ‘Flashpoint’ happening, it does not mean fans won’t see more of Iris and Barry. In fact, in the interview with E! News, Patton said that Iris is a big part of the ‘Flashpoint’.

“In juxtaposition to season one where she knew nothing about the Flash and was left out, in this timeline, in Flashpoint, she’s very much a part of the mix which is really, really cool,” Patton said about Iris’ role for this season.

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In a phone interview with Patton on ET, she discussed how significant her role on ‘Flashpoint’ is and shared how Iris is in the new world. Patton said, “She’s a reporter, but she’s also fighting and working with The Flash of this timeline, which is her brother Wally West, aka Kid Flash.”

Despite not knowing each other in the new season, the two will get to interact with each other for the first time and their history will begin again.

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