“The Flash” movie seems to continue filling in speculations from the audience on whether or not Channing Tatum will join the DC Films Universe.

The “Magic Mike” star was rumored to have left his role as “Gambit” in Marvel to join DC Films’ “The Flash” movie.

The rumor indicated that Tatum started following DC Extended Universe film’s Twitter account. Rick Famuyiwa, the director of “The Flash”, was shocked by the actor’s following.

Famuyiwa said some of the actors who followed him are Ray Fisher, Ben Affleck, Zack Snyder, Mark Wald, Geoff Johns and Gal Gadot, including the “Suicide Squad” official Twitter account.

It was stated that he never expected Channing Tatum to follow him, which caused speculations of him moving to DC and joining “The Flash” film as one of the cast, International Business Times reported.

If he is indeed leaving his role as “Gambit” because of the reported frequent delay, Comic Book Movie mentioned of the possible roles that Channing Tatum could land in “The Flash.”


Booster Gold

Knowing of Channing Tatum’s charm on screen, having this role would be a good fit for the actor. Booster Gold has a cocky attitude but is a great team player.

These kinds of personalities would also fit Tatum. He delivered a great, cocky performance in “Magic Mike,” right?

Captain Cold

If Channing Tatum isn’t Booster Gold, why not the leader of The Rogues?

Captain Cold’s character was already portrayed by Wentworth Miller, which looked great on the small screen. Surely, Tatum would be great in it.

Sophisticated fashion won’t be required since Captain Cold is known for much less campy fashion.

This role was already announced to arrive in 2018 as “The Flash”’s main and strongest villain. Having this character for the actor could be great.

In fact, his amazing stance and face on screen would look great for this villain.


“The Flash” villain’s second son, Orion, is known as the New Genesis’ greatest defender who constantly struggles to maintain balance between his peaceful upbringing and his brutal nature.

If this role would be given to Channing Tatum, it would be a challenge. The source said that in order for the actor to portray the role well, he needs to be equipped for this psychologically demanding role.

Whatever role Channing Tatum would play in next year’s films, seeing him in more challenging and more demanding roles would be much more anticipated.

“The Flash” official villains are not yet confirmed; neither are the actors. It might be reasonable to expect Tatum to play any of these three roles. That is, if he decides to leave his role as “Gambit.”