Australian Olympic target shooter Michael Diamond lost the license of his gun after being charged with drunk driving and firearms offences.

Prior to these offences, the sport shooter was found involved in domestic dispute allegations. In April, a prominent Sydney shooting ace raised his concern over Diamond’s drinking habit. “I think from his own personal point of view if something doesn’t happen to pull Michael into shape, once he’s finished shooting his whole life is going to implode,” he said. After the social media arguments between Diamond and his Olympic roommate Russell Mark, Fairfax Media has continuously been reporting about the drinking issues of the player.

According to reports, the 44-year-old Olympian was involved in an argument with his relative at a house in Stockholm Street in Sydney on Saturday night. The Guardian said that NSW police filed a case where they asked a man, whom the media outlet suspected as Diamond, for a breath test soon after the argument.

Police took him to the Raymond Terrace station for a breath test where they also found firearms in his car. Reports claimed that the breath test reading of the shooter was 0.159, which was thrice more than the alcohol limit allowed. Diamond was charged with high-rank drunk driving, insecure handling of firearms as well as possessing and using it while under the influence of alcohol.

Police suspended the gun license as well as the driving license of the Olympian. The player, however, is scheduled to face the Port Stephens local court on June 7.

The Rio Olympics 2016 is just around the corner and such an incident might affect Diamond’s Olympic journey. He was hopeful of carrying the Australian flag at the opening ceremony of Rio Olympics 2016. He is the winner of the Olympic gold medal for clay target shooting both in the 1996 Atlanta Olympics as well as in the 2000 Sydney Olympics. Michael Diamond is also the receiver of four Commonwealth Games gold medals.