The open world third-person shooter role-playing video game, Tom Clancy’s “The Division”, finally released last week. The Division was made available for Xbox One, PS4, and PC  on March 8.

Kotaku in their latest blog revealed some tips and tricks which might help you with your survival in the game as well as gain the best experience out of “The Division”.

Kotaku wrote, “Over the course of my first week with the game I’ve accumulated a handful of tips that I’d like to impart, things that I would’ve liked to have known when I was first starting out.”

James Davenport of the PC Gamer also shared some performance and settings details which could help you get the most out of the game.

James stated, “My GTX 980 Ti had zero problems running The Division at 2560×1440 with settings cranked up. After some tinkering, my GTX 960 at home could run it on medium to high settings at 1920×1080. And there’s plenty to tinker with in its full suite of customization, graphics, and control settings.

“There were some notable dips when the more expansive vistas came into view, or when multiple objects (or people) exploded at once, but nothing catastrophic. The Division is a well-optimized PC game.”

Here are some of the tips and tricks shared on the Kotaku website.

The Loot System: The Division’s loot system is similar to other games like Destiny, Borderlands and Diablo, notes the source.

Loot is colour-coded: Green gear is fine at first but you’ll quickly think of it as junk. Blue gear can be really good but by the time you’ve passed the level cap, you’ll also think of it as junk. Purple gear is great and with the right roll can be as good as the best gear in the game. Gold gear is known as “high-end” gear and is the stuff you’ll spend the endgame tracking down.

Play with a friend: The game becomes far more interesting if you step outside the solo role-play and start the missions with your friends on board.

Break down your gear: You need not sell your gear, instead break them in your inventory. The parts will be vital for crafting.

Craft higher quality parts: You can make the most of your low-level parts in crafting higher-level quality gears.

Ubisoft Club Rewards: You can use the Ubisoft Club points for in-game rewards and buy some useful gears.

Upgrade new Base of Operations wings: Each upgrade unlocks a new ability and some bonus perks that are always active.

Carry a few Alternate weapons: The source writes that a good mid-range automatic weapon as your primary and a solid marksman rifle as a secondary are more than helpful.

You can log onto the Kotaku website for further details.