It looks like The Division has a new set of bugs that are giving Ubisoft more headaches, and one of them causes some weapons to increase their DPS or damage per second.

GamesRadar+ has that report for the newest bug exploit. Recent updates are revealing more exploitable bugs though Ubisoft was quick enough to discover them and put a fix to them immediately. One of the recent new glitches shows players being able to increase the DPS of their weapons. A certain weapon Talent called Competent increases the damage to 5 percent after using a skill during combat; however, the glitch allows it to stack the said buff which significantly increases the DPS of the weapon. Here how it was triggered in the game:

  • Select the equipped weapon that has a Competence Talent
  • Keep on pressing the swap action to switch weapons repeatedly to increase the damage
  • Keep on shooting

Doing the said exploit will cause the Talent to glitch and stack the damage buff. Though some users stated that this method did not work, some say it is easier to be triggered with the PC version than in the consoles. Some users had shared their experience with the glitches at the Ubisoft message boards. The other known major bug revolves around having the ability for players to revive themselves when pinned by enemies, but Ubisoft has already found the glitch and managed to resolve it immediately. According to Ubisoft, those who abused the exploit will be punished, and a ton of accounts were banned lately due to bug abuses and bad behavior.

Meanwhile, a compensation was being planned where players will receive free Phoenix Credits this weekend due to the technical issues that the game has encountered.

Tom Clancy’s The Division is available for the PC and for home consoles such as the PS4 and Xbox One.