Tom Clancy’s The Division released its 1.2 update, which some gamers found to have some issues.

Game developer Ubisoft has already assured their users that they are already on their way to fixing the problem.

According to Gamingbolt, users complained in various forums regarding their problem with the update, wherein some characters went missing. Ubisoft community manager Natchai Stappers has requested players to provide their usernames in order for them to investigate the problem.

PC users have experienced the issue with their main character or other characters going missing. Thus far, the issue has not been detected among console players.

According to Gamespot, The Division experienced a similar issue back in April and a malfunctioning server was confirmed as the reason behind the issue.

The game has become the subject of glitches and weird bugs lately, such as one that involved players becoming locked out of the game. The bug was found on March 23 but was only fixed on April 12.

Ubisoft said that they are already working on the issue and hopes that it will be resolved the soonest time possible.

The Division’s latest major free update was made available today, which introduced loot changes, a new Incursion and more.

The new Incursion is called Clear Sky, which is set in Columbus Circle. A player should be in level 30 in order to try the raid, which is created for four players. Hard mode is also available but the Challenge mode is yet to come.

The update also comes with new PvE content with High-Level Targets along with Search and Destroy missions. The latest “hijack’ feature for the Dark Zone will modify things in the game. It will let players cut the extraction rope so that the loot will spill and the extraction attempt will be more difficult.

The latest update also modifies the loot system. Players can now have better loot quality and quantity.