The screen adaptation of the Stephen King classic series welcomed a new cast member. However, the latest casting choice for “The Dark Tower” movie could be another departure from the book’s story line.

Actress Katheryn Winnick joins the cast of “The Dark Tower” in its first installment, “The Gunslinger,” Variety reported. Winnick is on a break from the popular History Channel series “Vikings.” She was earlier rumoured to be a front-runner for the role of Ms. Marvel.

“The Gunslinger” centres on the relationship between Roland Deschain (Idris Elba), the gunslinger, and the young Jake Chambers (Tom Taylor). Winnick’s role is uncertain. Screenrant listed several possibilities that included playing Tom Taylor’s mother in the movie. The publication also hinted at the role of Susannah even if she’s depicted as an African-American woman in print.

Screenrant noted the earlier decision to cast Elba as the gunslinger. Hence, the publication surmised the production might do the same for Winnick’s role. Clint Eastwood’s portrayal of a bounty hunter in Sergio Leone’s spaghetti westerns initially inspired the character.

King himself defended Elba’s selection for the role. “He can be white or black, it makes no difference to me. I think it opens all kind of exciting possibilities for the backstory,” King stated.

ScreenCrush cited two other characters for Winnick to portray. The publication mentioned the role of Susan Delgado, the gunslinger’s long-lost love. Yet she might also play a minor character similar to the role Tirana, to be played by actress Abbey Lee.

Meanwhile, initial photographs from the set of “The Dark Tower” were shared online, the publication reported. The shots offered a glimpse of a possible location and the likely official logo for the production. Chad Waller is a prosthetic artist from South Africa. Sonia Couto is the onset tutor for two young girls who are likely part of the movie.