The Block Australia season 12 is on. No doubt, the reality show has taken the entertainment world by storm. The inaugural week of the show was not a very smooth ride for contestants like Julia and Sasha. The outcome of their renovation job was pretty poor. Will they quit the show early?

The Nine Network’s reality series premiered last week with its 12th season. This year, a diverse group of contestants is cast by the network to do the renovation job for an old soap factory in Port Melbourne. There are veteran designers as well as amateur dreamers. Tough competition indeed!  Sasha Wright-Neville, 43, and Julia Treuel, 31, are the most talked about duo from The Block Australia Season 12.

The Block Australia Season 12 Julia and Sasha

Unfortunately, the show could not bring good luck for the Mentone couple. By profession, Julia is a property stylist, whereas Sasha works as an account executive. After being told their bathroom renovation is the most expensive in all 12 seasons of the show, things promptly went from bad to worse for #TeamSashaandJulia.

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The refurbishment job on the show is not as simple as it seems. One has to do everything from planning to execution within the deadline. Sadly, for a tricky job like renovation, the time span is very limited, which exhausts the participants physically and emotionally.

On The Block Australia Season 12, the co-ordination between Julia and Sophia is great. They fairly distributed their job to accomplish the target. All hell broke loose when their overconfidence messed up things. The pair who claimed to have magical chemistry failed miserably.

The first task on The Block Australia Season 12 was about designing a pod for them to live in. However, the reconstruction turned out to be a nightmare for Julia and Sophie, thus showing a major flaw in their chemistry. Sasha broke into tears when she didn’t manage the budget well enough on their very first task. Disheartened and fed up, the pair has possibly lost all faith in themselves. “So clearly The Block wasn’t the right place for us, because you can’t get all that stuff right in 48 hours!” conveys Julia to News.

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Julia and Sasha have been seeing each other for four years, and they had to quit their jobs to appear on the reality show. Was it a wrong decision? Will they bid goodbye to The Block soon?

Things are not yet clear but we hope Julia and Sasha will continue to fight. To know Julia and Sophie’s fate on The Block Australia Season 12, watch the show 7 pm Sunday on Nine.