The couple contestant of The Block, Dan and Carleen have split and decided to go on their separate lives. They are one of the couple’s Australia has been falling in love with in the show. They have been living together for 32 years with their 3 adult sons.

In an interview with shared by Mail Online, the couple revealed that they are now living separate ways but still remain in good relationship for their sons.

“I still have commitments in Perth. Dan has two brothers who live down there and he decided he wanted to work there,” Carleen said. She also confessed in the interview that while she remains in Perth, Dan has to live hours away down the Western Australian Coast with his two brothers.

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According to the report of Mamamia, despite the split, the couple is also struggling to provide for their sons who are still studying. Dan confessed how their business has been suffering in the previous months.

In the interview, Dan discussed their situation now on being broke. “We’re going broke doing this… The biggest challenge has been trying to get continual work and giving the boys a good education,” Dan’s response on giving their children a better life. He also shared how he strives and pushes himself for his kids.

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The couple wasn’t the best renovators in the show, but The Block couple had fans because of their exceptional relationship being in love for 32 years. Fans of the couple will sure be disappointed and sad by the news.

Carleen is a hairdresser while ex-husband, Dan is a handyman and before joining the show, the couple has worked on eight properties as renovators.

The Block continues at 7:30 PM on Channel Nine this evening.