“The Blacklist” ended its previous season with the surprise death of Liz Keen. Yet Season 4 might welcome her back alive with huge anticipation.

Reports about Elizabeth Keen’s move on faking her death in Season 3 put the fans in a frenzy. Although they were shocked, they don’t understand why she ended up wrapped in a black plastic bag during the finale.

Speculations spread as to the reason why she died. Reportedly, she was pregnant, and some of the fans thought she wanted to protect the child from Red.

The Bit Bag mentioned rumors regarding the deepening relationship of Liz Keen (Megan Boone) and her lover, Red Reddington.

James Spader explained in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, “He’s not sensitive to the fact of what she’s going through in her life right now, and he’s  aware of her knowledge, of his feelings about all of it, and he’s made that plain.”

“I think he would have an understanding of what led to this,” he continued.

They reported that Red will be so devastated knowing Liz Keen faked her death, although he would understand how his troubled life affected her own.

This is one of the anticipated events in the next season. Maybe this will happen after several reconciliations during “The Blacklist” Season 4.

Aside from that, Red is also expected to patiently wait until Liz will fall in love with him. However, from the beginning until the middle of Season 4, she will still be in a bogus relationship with Tom Keen (Ryan Eggold).

Parent Herald talked about the possible ending of Liz’ affair with Tom, as her fake husband has also been the object of discussion these past few days.

In the middle of “The Blacklist” Season 4, the fans would also expect him to fall in love with Liz after being carried away by their fake relationship.

The source also stated she might also meet Alexander Kirk, her father, in “The Blacklist” Season 4. Liz was already warned by Red not to believe this man, Entetainment Weekly mentioned.

She also believes she shot her own father in the last season. Fans doubt if this belief will change in the new season.

Many surprising turn of events will be expected for “The Blacklist” Season 4. The spoilers above are just some of them. Though the show has its break at the moment, fans should keep themselves updated as to what would come next for the series.

Stay tuned!