The Biggest Loser 2017 Australia comes back to reality TV with a number of significant changes for its eleventh season, aptly titled The Biggest Loser: Transformed.

The popular reality TV franchise crowned Daniel Jofres as its grand winner last year. He began his journey to weight loss at 132 kg. He shed 51.6 kg in 12 weeks. No doubt, the Biggest Loser 2017 Australia would feature a new batch of hopefuls eager to match or exceed his success.

Along with new contestants, viewers also welcome Shannon Ponton and Libby Babet as trainers for season 11. They take over the duties left behind by Michelle Bridges and Steve “Commando” Willis. Fiona Falkiner stays on as the host.

Bridges faced criticism on social media earlier this year for her post-natal workout tip. Ponton hinted at the big change in the show this time around. A difference he and Babet are hopeful many can relate with and thus inspire them to take on the weight loss challenge.

“Rather than just the people who are 200 plus kilos, we want people who are on the slide — and if something doesn’t come up now then they’re going to end up super unhealthy and overweight in the future,” Ponton revealed. Hence, they intend to offer a holistic approach to combine the emotional and mental aspects with the physical element. According to The Daily Telegraph, Ponton and Babet will also take part in the casting process.

Perhaps, the franchise might consider this change as well. In recent months, the Biggest Loser faced threats from a previous contestant who claimed the show made her fat again. Suzanne Medonca revealed how the series left her unhealthy and broke since she appeared in Season 2. She further cited research about how the show’s methods wreaked havoc on the metabolic rate of its contestants. Hence, the changes to come on the Biggest Loser 2017 Australia could be the start of a healthy trend to keep the weight off for good.

The Biggest Loser 2017 Australia Returns to Ten for season 11.