“The Bachelorette” Australia star Sam Frost finally picked The One – and its Sasha Mielczarek.

Join us as we recap the sweetest moments of Sam and Sasha at “The Bachelorette” Australia Season One.

The Final Rose Ceremony

Teary-eyed Sam told Sasha “I’ve been waiting my whole life to meet you” during the finale episode of the Aussie reality TV show. After she said “Sash, I love you so much,” they shared the most intense kiss on the show.

The Bachelor’s Response

Sasha’s reply couldn’t be sweeter: “’I wanted you to know that I loved you in the last meeting that we had and I wanted to alleviate any fears that you had in your mind about loving someone that didn’t love you back. I truly do love you and I think you’re an amazing person and I feel so lucky.”

The “L” Word

Sitting in front of a blazing fire, the 30-year-old construction manager declared his love for Sam, the Daily Mail wrote. He said, “For me, love’s such a big word and I never want to undermine the meaning of the word … I mean it when I say it. But I…I do love you.”  As they kissed, Sasha whispered to her, “I want you to know I mean that.”

The Salsa Dance

There was no actual kiss during the salsa dance as it happened during the cocktail party. Nonetheless, it was a romantic dance and at the time, it was certain that Sasha has already made a point. He has made a headway against the other bachelors.

The Mural Painting

The second smooch happened during this time. It was quick but intense. The pair painted a mural that was auctioned for the National Stroke Foundation.

The First Meeting

The hunk bachelor immediately made an impression on Sam during their first meeting at the mansion. And Sam definitely did not forget the time Sasha made a red paper rose and gave it to her. It was not as grandiose as it may seems but Sam was certainly impressed.

The Skydiving Date

It was obviously not an ideal date as Sam almost fainted after the activity, the Daily Mail reported. However, this has also brought her and Sasha closer. Sasha showed genuine concern for her that made Sam realize something: “Seeing that side of Sash made me realize that he is the type of guy that would absolutely support you through thick and thin.”

The Home Visit

Sasha took Sam to his family’s farm in New South Wales. The peak of the visit was when Sasha told Sam, “I’m falling in love with you” then, tiptoeing, Sam kissed Sasha.