The heat is on at “The Bachelorette” 2016 and star JoJo Fletcher can’t help it but be scared of the tension building up between Chad and Evan.

Fletcher talked about the heated moment between the two contestants vying to win her heart in the recent episode of the ABC reality show.

“There was too much going on, too many relationships being juggled in the moment. So when Chad stepped up there, he was angry. And now, watching it back, I understand why. But that doesn’t excuse what happened when they left the stage. Watching it back now, it scares me. I had no idea what was happening backstage with the guys. I do know that violence is never the answer,” she wrote in her blog post on People magazine.

According to ABC News, the tension between the two gentlemen in the mansion is too high that host Chris Harrison had to intervene.

The conflict began when Chad complained about joining in the group date rather than having a one-on-one date with Fletcher.

The 12 remaining bachelors shared their embarrassing sex stories in a pretend comedy show. Evan, an erectile dysfunction specialist, took the microphone and essentially suggested Chad is a steroid user. And then, an altercation erupted at “The Bachelorette.”

Evan told JoJo he will leave the mansion if Chad sticks around. Fletcher wrote on People that she is not good with ultimatum but still she offered Evan the group date rose, which stunned Chad.

“Never in a million years did I expect what happened next. Seeing that side of Chad after I handed Evan the rose was really upsetting. And, to be honest, I was really questioning Chad and his motives. I knew I would have a lot to think about before going into the rose ceremony, but I was also excited I had at least one more date before having to confront Chad again,” Fletcher wrote.

Evan also expressed to Harrison his concern about Chad. He said the show’s security team may not be enough to provide protection. Harrison then talked to Chad and told him that he would not be kicked off the show, but he had to settle things with the other guys. 

It was earlier reported that other contestants have been complaining about Chad’s behavior. The former US Marine previously made threats to his co-stars saying, “I’m gonna cut everyone here’s legs off and arms off” and “I will physically hurt you.”

Tune in to see if the tension between Chad and Evan further escalates as the “The Bachelorette” continues Tuesday night at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.