NFL star Aaron Rodgers finally talked about his brother Jordan Rodgers competing for The Bachelorette 2016 star JoJo Fletcher’s heart, and he does not seem to care about it at all.

Jordan’s brothers have started to speak up about his latest gig. First Luke Rodgers and now their famous brother Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

The Super Bowl MVP admitted that he has not watched Jordan on the show, so it does not affect him. He, however, wishes his brother well in the competition. Jordan has been the frontrunner since this season of The Bachelorette began. Jordan is also one of the two final suitors left, along with Robby Hayes.

During the recent hometown dates, Fletcher traveled to Jordan’s high school where a photo of Aaron was placed on the wall.  Fletcher met the entire Rodgers family except for Aaron. Jordan admitted to the real estate agent that his relationship with Aaron is estranged for the last two years.

In the recent episode of The Bachelorette, Jordan told the camera that he misses his older brother especially during occasion when he is introducing a lady to the family.

When asked by WISN, Aaron declined to elaborate on the nature of his relationship with his younger brother. “As far as those kinds of things go, I’ve always found that it’s a little inappropriate to talk publicly about some family matters, so I’m just — I’m not going to speak on those things, but I wish him well in the competition,” he said.

The state of Rodgers’ relationship does not seem to affect Fletcher at all. At least based on her recent statement.

Meanwhile, Luke Rodgers earlier hinted that Jordan and Fletcher are already looking forward to their future together.

In one interview, Luke compared Fletcher to Jordan’s former girlfriends. He said JoJo was different in the way she was able to easily catch up with the family. Luke added that although Fletcher missed some movies that they used to quote, she will catch up very soon.

The Bachelorette 2016 finale airs on Monday, Aug. 1, at 8 p.m. on ABC.