Louise Pillidge and Blake Garvey have split. Ladies, The Bachelor is single again. Louise recently took to Instagram thanking her fans for their love and support during this difficult time.

According to The Daily Telegraph, the entertainment world went into a frenzy when the young couple declared their separation. They couple rocked tabloids when announcing their relationship. Blake had just proposed to Sam Frost on The Bachelor, leaving her for Louise.

The couple has received backlash. Many spectators claim this is another attempt at the spotlight. Louise broke her silence on social media, “I would like to thank everyone for their beautiful and kind messages, commented phone calls that i received over the last week,” she said. “I was truly overwhelmed. Much love Louise.”

Just last week the couple appeared on Kyle and Jackie O’s KISS FM radio show, where Louise was asked whether she would consider being The Bachelorette in a future season. Awkwardly, in front of Blake, Louise neither rejected the idea or accepted, claiming she doesn’t know what the future holds.

According to The Sydney Morning Herald, Blake was the one to call it quits on the young relationship. Blake has since received a lot of negative attention. Blake explained that the couple has been trying for months, but believe the problems lie with the negative attention their relationship faced—something the pair could not rise above of.


“We’ve both tried so hard to make it work, but the negativity that has surrounded us had changed us as individuals,” Blake adds, “We felt like we were walking on eggshells around each other, always trying to say the right think. It was suffocating.”

Louise claims what was difficult for her was coming to terms with the fact that initially, she was Blake’s third choice.

“The negativity has been draining, plus it took months to deal with the fact I was Blake’s third choice of partner,” she said.

Surprisingly, Sam Frost offered support to Louise upon hearing the couple has split up.


The pair is admittedly still living together in their Perth apartment, in separate bedrooms. They insisted on living through the ordeal together, in order to support one another.