The latest episode of “Kiss Bang Love,” another social experiment by Channel Seven, is out. A show where a kiss does all the talking has created a kind of buzz around it. And word on the street is “Kiss Bang Love” is like “The Bachelor Australia” in a crazy, fast forward mode.

In “Kiss Bang love,” people in search of love kiss potential partners blindfolded. Using a process of elimination, they weed out participants every round that includes kissing without the blindfold, an overnight date, and a holiday.

Critics believe that this is what happens even in “The Bachelor” show but in just over nine weeks. As a result, reviewers and audiences wonder whether “Kiss Bang Love” is just a crazy version of “The Bachelor” in top speed.

According to NZ Herald, the series premiered with Lisa, who went through the drill in an hour’s time. “A good kiss is like a conversation, it can either flow and be natural, or it can be awkward and you want to get out,” revealed the hospitality worker who is into “tradies.”

Lisa kissed 12 contestants during the first episode then chose two—a plumber and an amateur magician, for a nightcap and went on a holiday with the plumber and erotic novel writer Ryan.

The last episode had Geordie, a farmer kissing his way to find love. He then chose Bronwen and Shana to go on overnight dates. In the end, Bronwen was eliminated and the bloke went on a holiday with Shana, states Australian Women’s Weekly.

“Kiss Bang Love” is based on a Danish show on ProSieben. It is a really revved up version of good ol’ romance. While the participants do find someone by the end of the episode, it is not known whether the kiss and bang have really transformed into long lasting love.

Sydney Morning Herald’s Karl Quinn writes that one cannot be sure that that’s what (love and romance) they are looking for. For those who think the show is really about finding a relationship has got it all wrong.