Bachelor in Paradise star Nick Viall’s shot in The Bachelor 2017 has been rumored to be in jeopardy after recent revelations about him recently.

BIP co-star Lauren Himle slammed Viall for allegedly how he treated her friend Jen Saviano. Lauren admitted in Detroit’s Ticket radio station that she is not a big fan of Viall having his fourth shot to find love on reality shows.

“He dated my great friend Jen on Bachelor in Paradise… but it was my understanding that they were still seeing each other after the show completed,” she said. Lauren added she believes that Viall and Saviano’s relationship was going perfectly until Nick was re-casted in the ABC reality show.

Himle added she thinks Viall will be having a hard time finding a match better than Saviano.

Last week, ABC announced that Viall will star in The Bachelor 2017, which many did not anticipate.  The Bachelorette 2016 contestants Luke Pell, Robby Hayes and Chase McNary were the top three choices for the gig.

The look when it hasn't quite sunk in yet. Couldn't feel more fortunate. Incredibly thankful for all the support. We are going to have some fun! #thebachelor

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Nick Viall joined The Bachelorette twice – Season 10 and Season 11. With the new revelation about him, there were rumors that Pell will replace Viall.

In a recent interview with E! News, Pell admitted that he was prepared to fly to Los Angeles for the announcement that he would be the next Bachelor when the network called at the very last minute. Apparently, ABC told him that they chose another man to appear in season 23. He was not informed who ABC picked.

Pell revealed to Entertainment Tonight that he heard that Viall was chosen at the same time America found out. Pell was already in Nashville, but said he will not give up finding love somewhere else.

Will Pell replace Viall? The burning question is – will Pell accept it if ABC offers the show to him once again?  It will probably take some time before Pell forgets what happened. He already stressed that he doesn’t want to go back to The Bachelor Nation anymore.

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The Bachelor 2017 returns to ABC early next year.