The Bachelor 2016 Australia winner has been the target of a paparazzi drone that flew above the reality show’s mansion and caused delay in the filming of the show.

The uninvited drone almost revealed the Bachelor 2016 Australia winner. Luckily, the show was not filming the season finale at the time. The Bachelor Australia producers promptly shut down the production once the buzzing of a small aircraft was heard from above. Although the drone has taken some footage of the set, the woman who won Richie Strahan’s heart remains a secret.

According to Sydney Morning Herald, the drone may have taken some videos of the Bachelor mansion ablaze with thousands of candles along the driveway and floating across the pool. The show is about to shoot its premiere episode when the drone flew above the mansion.

Shaun Murphy, Warner Bros Television head of entertainment in Australia, said that drones could be tricky. “We run interference if we can. But we’ve learnt not to change our dates just because we’re going to get papped … we’re not going to shoot from a negative perspective,” he said.

The Bachelor 2016 Australia host Osher Gunsberg added that this shows how much interest there is in the Channel Seven show.

The reported paparazzi drone flying above the mansion came after the location for this season’s finale was spoiled by paparazzi. How does this happen?

Apparently, a crew member of the show used his Tinder app while filming the final scenes, the Daily Telegraph reported. The crew unintentionally gave out information to his potential love interest, including the location where the show is filming.

Does this mean the paparazzi know who the Bachelor 2016 Australia winner is? Fortunately, no. The leaked confidential information forced the production to film for a second time in a different location.

Meanwhile inside the Bachelor house, Eliza finally got his solo date with Strahan.

The Perth hunk treated Eliza to a surprise shopping visit to Camilla before they sipped tea at the Intercontinental. They finished the date with a dance, a kiss and a rose. However, Richie sent Eliza packing at the end of Wednesday’s episode.

The Bachelor 2016 Australia returns Thursday at 7:30 pm on Channel Ten.