Nikki Gogan gave out some clues as to who might be declared as the Bachelor 2016 Australia winner.

As the number of contestants decreases every week, Nikki offered some hints that she won the reality show.

Here are some signs that Nikki is the Bachelor 2016 Australia winner.

The ex-fiance and the bet

Nikki revealed that her ex-fiance Tim Verlinden has placed a $1000 bet on her to win the Bachelor 2016 Australia.  The real estate agent told TV Week: “Tim actually put $1000 on me to win when I was paying $9, so he stands to win $9000. So, if he’s backing me to win, he can’t think I’m that bad.”

Nikki ended her 12-year relationship with Verlinden last year before joining the reality show.

Future with Strahan 

Nikki also hinted that she sees a bright future in her lovelife even though she is not in love yet. The beauty from Western Australia added that she is excited to see what will develop in the coming days.

This is not the first time Nikki hinted that she won the final rose. Last month, she teased that she is totally into the Bachelor 2016 Australia star Richie Strahan from the beginning, and this continues throughout the show.

The chemistry

Undeniably, there has been a strong connection between Strahan and Nikki since episode one and when they went on a solo date for the first time. Nikki was the first bachelorette in the mansion Strahan invited for a one-on-one date.

The kisses

Nikki has scored the most kisses with Strahan. The blonde beauty got the three pashes from the Perth hunk thus far. The first one was during their solo date. It was followed by a kiss after the baby challenge and the most recent was when Strahan took her away during the recent cocktail party.

Absence in social media

Nikki has been staying away from the public eye since the Bachelor 2016 Australia filming wrapped up three months ago. The reality star was only spotted recently in a public gathering. She attended the Broome Cup horse races in Western Australia with her sister Dani.

The Bachelorette 2016 star Sam Frost explained that any Bachelor contestant currently active on social media is definitely not the winner. noted that the contestants are required to keep a low profile until they either got eliminated or until they win.

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